Past Events

Past Events

In recent years, Palazzo San Giorgio has been the venue for international exhibitions and events.

April – September 2013

Palazzo San Giorgio - Eventi svolti _ Transatlantico Rex

In a setting inspired by the fictional scene from Fellini’s film Amarcord, where the illuminated Rex crosses the Adriatic Sea at night, the exhibition dedicated to Italy’s largest transatlantic liner – organised by the port authorities of Genoa and curated by Paolo Piccione – attracted thousands of Italian and foreign visitors to Palazzo San Giorgio, fascinated by the years when states sought to assert their power by building ever faster ships. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Blue Riband victory, the Rex lives again through images, videos, posters of the time, authentic porcelain objects and souvenirs saved after its wreck off the coast of Koper in 1944; but above all, it is reborn in the memories of the exhibition’s visitors. Despite the brevity of its life – it made its first voyage to New York in 1932 – the Rex remains a symbol that continues to fascinate people of all ages, from schoolchildren to the elderly who still remember the ship.

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GENOVA PORTO DEL MONDO  April – September 2015 Palazzo San Giorgio 

October – November 2015 Bruxelles 

The exhibition, commissioned by the Genoa Port Authority and realised in collaboration with the ANSA agency, after a few months in Palazzo San Giorgio was exported to Brussels.

Palazzo San Giorgio - Mostra Genova porto del mondo

Genova Porto del Mondo describes the past, present and future of the port of Genoa, ideally bringing together two world-famous Genoese: Christopher Columbus and Renzo Piano. Through documents, images and curiosities, it tells the story of the past, present and future of the port of Genoa, focusing in particular on the port’s development projects, including Renzo Piano’s Blue Print and the rendering of the new Torre Piloti designed by the Genoese architect following the tragic accident in May 2013. If Christopher Columbus is the symbol of Genoa port’s remote past, the new Tower designed by Renzo Piano will be the symbol of the future, the expression of a port capable of adapting itself to the changing needs of a new era. The exhibition illustrates this through images, documents and curiosities along a journey divided into three large sections: Past, Present, Future. With one basic principle: to tell the history of the port through a path that, from its origins leads to the present and anticipates the guidelines for the future.

DOMENICO PIOLA – October 2017 – January 2018 

Palazzo San Giorgio was one of the venues chosen for the first exhibition dedicated to Domenico Piola, a versatile Genoese artist influenced by Baroque culture. A vast exhibition held in several locations: Palazzo Lomellino, where 50 artworks were exhibited – some of which were previously unseen -, the Museums of the Strada Nuova – Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco and other iconic places in the city, including Palazzo San Giorgio, where the famous statue La Madonna Regina di Genova (Our Lady Queen of Genoa) is kept and where the artworks depicted the artist’s formative and creative phases.

La Marina Italiana al Polo Nord dal Duca degli Abruzzi alle spedizioni High North  – 2-30 April 2019

Palazzo San Giorgio - Eventi svolti - Polo Nord

This is the title of the extraordinary exhibition, curated by the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy, which was hosted in the Sala delle Compere in Palazzo San Giorgio. Visitors were led through an exciting exhibition path along the theme of the Italian missions carried out in a fascinating area of the globe, which is increasingly targeted and studied by the international community for environmental, energy and trade issues..