Palazzo San Giorgio and the city of Genoa

Palazzo San Giorgio is a strategic starting point to discover Genoa, the Superb.

From the Palatium Maris, following the walkway from the Sottoripa porticoes towards the west, you will first reach the Commenda di Prè and then the Palazzo del Principe.

Heading westwards on the other side of the road along the sea, you will pass by the Old Port and arrive to the Museum of the Sea and Navigation, and then continue on to the Maritime Station and the Monumental Park of the Lanterna, the symbol of the city, from which you can see the entire port of Genoa.

Moving towards the heart of the historic centre, it will be possible to admire and visit a number of palaces rich in history and art, from the Loggia di Banchi to Palazzo Spinola di Pellicceria, then up through the city’s alleyways towards Via Garibaldi, Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco. The website offers brief descriptions of the tours that will allow you to discover Genoa and its hidden treasures.

Recommended tours:

From Caricamento to the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace): the right bank.

Maritime Station and back: a quick tour for cruisers and non-cruisers too.