The Sala dei Protettori

Sala dei Protettori dates back to the enlargement of the Palace in 1508 and features the same architectural style as the other boardrooms. Today, the room, where some of the most valuable works of the entire building are located, gives direct access to the office of the President of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority …

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Palazzo San Giorgio - La facciata

The outside of the Palace

In 1570, the Palace underwent radical extension and renovation works that profoundly altered its original appearance. The new building developed towards the sea and had a compact and homogenous external shape, with façades decorated in the style of Genoese Renaissance architecture, including a spectacular fresco decoration. At the beginning of the 17th century, the patrons …

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The loggia

The loggia is composed of an internal rectangular body, from which the second floor can be accessed, and two side loggias. The wall decorations of the loggias are composed of small white, green and black square tiles. Yellow and white fresco paintings begin where the tiles end, edged by a frieze with the coats of …

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The Hall

L’atrio di Palazzo San Giorgio, così come lo vediamo oggi, è frutto del restauro novecentesco di Alfredo D’Andrade che decise di aprire in facciata il portone principale di ingresso dell’edificio. The heraldic emblem of the conservatoris maris, assigned to the Autonomous Port Consortium by royal letters dated 2 December 1926, is kept in a case …

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The Sala delle Compere

From the top of the grand staircase, designed by architect Marco Aurelio Crotta, you enter Sala delle Compere, also known as Sala delle Congreghe, a grandiose space whose construction was commissioned by the Bank of Saint George in the 15th century to house the Grand Council, composed of about four hundred members. Interactive map Dimensioni: …

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Palazzo San Giorgio - Sala del Capitano

The Sala del Capitano

Sala del Capitano del Popolo is dedicated to Guglielmo Boccanegra, Captain of the People, who entrusted Friar Oliverio with the construction of Palazzo San Giorgio in 1260. Before the 20th-century restoration, Sala del Capitano was divided into three separate spaces. It is the result of a reinterpretation of the entire volume of the palace by …

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